Medical CannabisPayment Solutions


Medical CannabisPayment Solutions

Technologies for the emerging cannabis industry.

Who We Are

Our Leadership team manages the world's most technologically advanced medical cannabis company and are the visionaries behind some of the most innovative solutions, promising to transform the medical marijuana marketplace. Their strategic direction focuses on generating, fostering and utilizing the latest technology, while expanding with the emerging medical cannabis industry.


Manuel Schmidt

In addition to his deep expertise in growing businesses, Manuel has extensive experience in leading and developing executive teams.


Marcel Ludwig

Marcel is responsible for the company's legal work, its intellectual property portfolio, its government affairs and public policy.


Johannes Jansen

Johannes has overseen product development and design from the company's beginning. Johannes has a degree in computer science and an MBA.

What We Do

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions creates best-in-class technologies for the emerging cannabis industry. This is what our company offers:


Be in the palm of their hand, literally. Ghost Mobile Applications are an unparalleled marketing and communication tool.

CBD Industry

Our focus is on the Cannabis and CBD industry. Payment systems for these markets have immense potential.


We conduct research in the field of CBD and cannabis technologies and make payment systems practically usable.


Meet the most technologically advanced Seed-to-Sale system. S2S gives you all the tools you need in one, convenient solution.

Cannabis Cash Problems Solved

Our company allows your dispensary to take electronic payments and deposit cash securely all in complete Fintec compliance. Say Goodbye to Cash-only Operations. Our robust processing solution offers best-in-class security with theability to comply with all regulatory frameworks.

Secure: Level 1 payment processor certified by Visa, Mastercard, and Europay.

Compliance Done For You: We keep you in compliance and bear the proof of burden for you. Focus on your business, we’ll focus on compliance.

Works with What You Have: No need to get different equipment, we’re compatible with most systems. Our system integrates with most shopping carts and POS systems.

Securely Deposit or Access Cash: Stop the cash headache. Easily move funds without compliance problems, transfer to other banks, or spend it straight from your account

Stable: Our system processes 60 million transactions per month.

Focus Group: Our solutions are specifically designed for CBD and cannabis retailers, but also for buyers and end customers.

Our Company is also available in Germany. Here is an introduction for our german target group: Unser Unternehmen beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung von Zahlungsmitteln für den globalen Markt für Cannabis und CBD Produkten. Cannabidiol und Cannabis gehören zu den aufstrebenden Märkten, weshalb wir mit unserer Zahlungsmethode (Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions) die Zahlung von CBD und Hanfprodukten vereinfachen werden. Dieser Markt bietet enormes Potential und unser Unternehmen wird als Marktführer diesen Markt mitgestalten.

Our solutions will not only revolutionize and improve the cannabis market, but also the market for CBD, but especially for CBD oils. For Germany we are planning a special solution that we will call "Cannabis Zahlungssystem". Possible partnership with Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH. More about Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft and here another Artikel about Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft.