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Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG - Partner from Germany

Technologies for the emerging cannabis industry.

Payment Systems for Germany

Germany will release and legalize cannabis for recreational use next year. Along with this, there are already numerous companies planning to grow cannabis in Germany. One of these market players is the Hamburg-based technology company Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH. We are in close contact with the company and will consult a technical cooperation later this year. Through our experience in the United States of America, we can assist and support our partners with our experience.


The Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH already has a lot of expertise in the technical development of cultivation systems, especially with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. However, as payment technologies in Germany are sometimes accompanied by many regulations, we will support Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH in this regard and accompany them in the longer term. We will use the synnergies and thereby get a foot into the German market.


Cannabis Cash Problems Solved

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